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The world of computers provides us with untold possibilities, information at our fingertips and a level of convenience that’s hard to match. Understanding these machines enough to be able to provide your own repairs regardless of the issue that pops up is something that takes years of experience and not many of us have the time to accumulate. This is where the reliance on skilled computer repair professionals demonstrates its value.

About Us
Jacksonville Computer Repair is dedicated to bringing the best computer repairs in Jacksonville, FL, ensuring that anyone who finds themselves in need has the access required to capable computer repair specialists. Whether you have an issue with the hardware of your machine, or the software, need diagnostics for PC or Mac, you can count on our experts to provide you with the speed and quality that comes with years of experience in the industry. If you’re looking for a fast, affordable and dependable means of computer repair, you have the experts ready and waiting at Jacksonville Computer Repair.

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Jacksonville Computer Repair

PC and MAC repair specialists

​PC & Mac Repair

Not only does Jacksonville Computer Repair bring you the best in PC repair, upgrades and software assistance, we are also authorized Mac repair specialists. When looking to have services brought to an iMac or MacBook, ensuring that you have the right professionals bringing results will keep your warranty intact. For quality PC repairs, you can also count on our experts to deliver a full range of repair services that will bring your computer back to reliability.

laptop screen repair

The screen of your computer and laptop is an important means of being able to communicate with your system yet are also some of the most fragile parts. When looking for a means of quick and affordable repair to these aspects of your computer system, you can count on Jacksonville Computer Repair to provide you with results. From TN panels to IPS and everything in between, we have the means to provide reliability.

virus alert

Dealing with any level of virus or spyware on your system isn’t a situation you want to endure. The capability for programs such as keyloggers to get a hold of your personal information puts your security at risk and when looking to have a program suggested, installed or updated on your system, you can count on Jacksonville Computer Repair. We bring you the protection and removal services you need to properly deal with any unwanted software. 

“After suffering from a major virus on my computer, I knew I needed to have protective software in place. After calling Jacksonville Computer Repair,they suggested the right program and even did a full install, scan and removal of the remnants of the previous issue I had.” – Marjory T. 

virus and spyware removal

“I had a hard drive corruption at the worst possible time and needed to get some important work off the computer. After bringing it to Jacksonville Computer Repair, they got right to work, within three days they had the majority of my information retrieved and really saved my hide.” – Ben G. 

PC and MAC repair

“I wanted to make some upgrades to my computer, a new graphics card, RAM and a bigger hard drive, yet had no idea how to replace the parts on my own. I brought it to Jacksonville Computer Repair and they had the work done in no time.” – Trevor Q.

computer upgrades

A corrupted hard drive can be a detrimental situation, the ability to lose pictures, files, music and more in one short time frame can have you looking for solutions. When looking for a data recovery service that will quickly and affordably return the information on your hard drive to you, you can count on the experience of Jacksonville Computer Repair to bring results. We have the skill and capability you need for proper results.

data recovery service

Whether you have a gaming computer that you’re looking to keep cutting edge, or a personal computer for home that needs more storage or power, making the choice to call Jacksonville Computer Repair for your needs will deliver quality results. When the placement of new hardware is important to you, ensuring that you get the attention of skilled and capable professionals will deliver the quality you can count on to work the first time, and quickly.

replacement of new hardware

From your Operating system to antivirus software, word processing and more, software allows us to speak with our computers and to ensure that you can operate it effectively. When looking for quality installation, replacement or transfer of software on your computer or Mac system, you can depend on the expertise of our professionals to bring you speed and affordability. No matter the program in question, we’re here to have you up and running smoothly in no time. 

quality installation of software

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​The ability to bring the service conclusion you need starts the moment we pick up the phone. Bringing you a service that focuses on speed from the get-go will ensure that you can have the right, experienced set of eyes on your computer quickly. Whether you’re calling for more information on our services or to book an appointment for your computer, choosing to reach out to the experts at Jacksonville Computer Repair will bring a swift resolution. We are here for all of your computer repair needs and to provide you with a service that Jacksonville, FL can depend on at all times.