Energy Labels For Buildings

Energy Saving In Buildings

Until now, we have mostly seen energy labels on electrical devices. From now on, buildings must also have energy labels. You can find out all about it at energy label buildings – Termoenergi energimerking

The introduction of the energy certificate became mandatory during the construction of the building. Every building must have an energy certificate to be put into operation. The main reason for introducing this certificate is energy saving.

Termoenergi Energimerking

Energy labels are issued by the Energy Saving Service. The purpose of all this is to make business as good as possible. Every new building that is built must comply with the projects in which it is marked which energy class the building must have. Based on that, the necessary materials are ordered that will satisfy the needs for that energy class. Windows and doors also play a big role in saving energy.

The goal of all this is to save energy, and therefore reduce carbon dioxide in nature. Today, everything is looked at to save energy, and buildings, as one of the big consumers of energy, can contribute a lot to this saving.

Old buildings do not receive energy certificates, but they receive suggestions and advice on what tenants can do to reduce energy consumption.

Energy labels for buildings range from A to G. Energy label A means that the building has the best energy savings, while a building with a G label has the worst energy savings. When selling a building, it is mandatory to have an energy certificate. He is heavily involved in the sale of apartments. The better the energy label, the higher the price of the building.

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